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“Dream Team” Board

Dreamcity Board Responsibilities

Serving on our Board of Directors and Board Committees is a powerful statement that you are concerned about the Global Community. Dreamcity goals are geared toward "Erasing the faces of poverty , through proven systems of social , economic and educational programs."  Dreamcity’s Board is diverse in ethnic backgrounds and fully represented by all races, creeds and nationalities.

The Board encourage creativity, diverse ideals to reflect a holistic approach to resolving communities issues, and establish a model of prevention. The Board is encourage to contribute both ideals and financial support to find other opportunities in enlarge our scope of influence. 

Recruitment Priorities Include:

  • Management experience
  • Professional leadership in business
  • Professional marketing or public relations experience
  • People who can relate to low income, underserved citizens and help eliminate the poverty levels
  • Representatives of all races

Our Board and Board Committees typically meet bi-monthly and are asked to participate in all operations of the DREAMCITY COMPANY  to help train, assist , find funding, represent with elected officials and build partnerships with schools, churches,universities, banks, and corporations.

Dream City Team of Board Members

  • CEO – Dr. Israel P. Barsh
  • Assistant Director – Resa Barsh
  • Coordinator of Services – Herbert Smith
  • Board Member – Dr. Keith Miller
  • Web Design & Development – Izaiah Barsh Get Started Today
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      Dr Israel is a master strategy to bringing change to Urban America thru Nonprofit 501 c3 Enterprises. Raising up 1000 new business leaders is DREAMCITY 2010 GOAL, planting Credit Unions, schools, childcare agencies, housing developments, credit repair, juvenile services, elderly homes, to help the American citizens, American soldiers and families in Crisis.

      We are calling on Leaders in churches, government sphere, corporations to collaborate with an assignment to Govern together in this Nation, impacting urban communities then planting Dreamcity site in every city in America to eradicate poverty.

      Dr. Israel Barsh is the catalyst behind Dream City Northwest Developers , where he presently operates with a Staff Team of Nonprofit grant writers, Trainers, writing proposals, inquiry letters, business plans, flowcharts, website designs, church and Profit business dream city associates meet each Thursday for all new Nonprofit Business owners in Training.  Dr. Israel founded Northwest Academy of Excellence a privately owned K-12 grade school in 1992 and For the Love of Children Daycare Center that operated successfully for eight years. He received a letter of accommodation from the Mayor of Puyallup in September 2002 for his leadership and contributions to the community. Dr. Barsh is an international speaker who has traveled abroad and across America teaching institutions to maximize their potential and effectiveness as companies and increase personal power.Dr. Barsh obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Washington State University, Pullman and an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree for his outstanding ministry work and community service from the distinguished Bishop A.L. Hardy Theological School, Seattle, Washington. He served in the Army for ten years and was a commission 1st Lieutenant. Dr. Barsh possesses a cadre of professional experience including grant writing, consulting services, non-profit organizational management, fiscal management and curriculum development. He has served as a guest lecturer and workshop facilitator for various conferences and organizational functions. Dr. Barsh has over twenty years of experience in corporate training and management.